Imagine you’ve worked for Corporate America for well over 15 years. You’ve worked with the same company, climbing the same ladder. Every day you begin to feel like you are losing a little bit of yourself, your creativity, your entrepreneurial spark. You want nothing more than to get out of the 9-5 grind, but you really have no idea where to start.

You have a creative, natural talent for photography which happens to be your postgrad emphasis. You feel like you’ve wasted your education because you started this corporate climb your Freshman year in college. You have to get out, but how? So begins the questions: “Will I even make money? How am I supposed to find the time to even build a brand when I am a slave to my 9-5 job?”

Lets paint another picture: You are a Stay at Home Mom with a dream of owning her own business, but you feel like you have zero time to do all that it takes to begin. You are drowning in laundry and dishes… How can you possibly start a business? Childcare comes at such a high cost, you can’t possibly leave your family to work out of the home, or to even begin a business out of a home. So what now?

Have you ever heard the saying: “Work full time at your job, and part time on your fortune!”? That is the best place to start, but what does it take to start a well functioning business? It takes resources, time, and knowledge. We want to share a few key resources and items you will need to be successful in whatever business you venture to start.

  1. Brand Your Business
  2. Who are you? What do you do? What message do you want your business to share? It is vital to brand yourself. It is vital to assure your brand is consistent with what you offer. It is vital to be cohesive and to always evaluate your business and brand on a monthly/quarterly basis.

  3. Build A Website
  4. Every business needs an internet presence. Whether it’s to showcase your photography gallery, sell online boutique clothing, advertise your Real Estate Properties, you need a website.

  5. Create Content
  6. Every business needs content. Whether you build fences, sell properties, cater weddings, or take pictures. You need content for your clients to see your work, and to validate your professionalism.

  7. Market Your Business
  8. Advertising and Marketing yourself is vital. You could be one of the most incredible photographers in the country, but how is this helpful if no one has seen your work or knows who you are? It’s not. Marketing your business solely on your own is difficult and has a lower rate of success than it would when going through a company that specializes in identifying your market, target audience, and overall marketing needs.

  9. Know What You Need
  10. Every business requires multiple services such as email hosting, receptionist services, physical office space, training space, conference rooms, mentorship, business planning, and financial planning. What your needs are will be dependent on your industry. It is vital to understand and know what it is you need to be successful. It is advised to seek consulting and coaching prior to launching your business.

    Now you know what it takes, which is great, but how are you supposed to accomplish this when you are busy working a full time job & drowning in parenting toddlerhood at home? There are options for that! There are specific companies such as The Meadows, LLC. that offer Virtual Services & Physical Offices. The Meadows provide you with a physical mailing address, physical office space equipped with training facilities, conference rooms, and individual offices, but also… they offer a full suite of virtual services such as web design, web hosting, email hosting, marketing services, and all the items listed in the “Know What You Need” section.

    Starting your own business has never been easier. Let The Meadows be your guide and your go to for all your startup needs.